The Rules of the Forum

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The Rules of the Forum

Post by MyMuffinIsPimpin on Tue Oct 14, 2008 4:26 pm

  • If you are not a Beth Phoenix fan than do not waste your time posting hateful comments on the forum.

    As the Admin I have the right to remove your account

    You may cuss but don't go over bored

    You can start a topic

    Do not start topics that have already been started they will be remove

    If you join you will be expected to post and after two months without posting your account will be removed
    Show respect to all users

    Do not insult others over their personal choices

    No cyber-bullying

    Do not push your religion on others (why you would on this Forum I don't know)

    Please keep all topics about beth unless you are in the basket section which is for non-Beth talk.

    Do not Give Out You Phone# Adress or any info that you wouldn't tell someone you hate

    Sexual content is not allow. Saying someone is hot is one thing but asking for bjs is crossing the line.

    After breaking the rules a certain amount of time you will enter the mark zone. The mark zone means each time you break a rule you will have a mark counted against you. After getting 3 marks your account will be deleted.

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