WWE’s rising Phoenix

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WWE’s rising Phoenix

Post by MyMuffinIsPimpin on Mon Oct 20, 2008 1:12 pm

TNA features the best women’s wrestling division on television, but WWE does have Beth Phoenix.

”I have so much experience, and I’ve been through the trenches,” she said. “I’m street smart as well as technically smart. I bring to the table something that no other [WWE diva] brings.

“Although my road to the top was a little bit longer and difficult, it’s definitely tremendous. That road makes me appreciate what I have a lot more, and it makes me obviously more dangerous.”

Phoenix, 27, would fit better with TNA’s stellar female roster, but the Glamazon provides credibility, along with Mickie James and Victoria, for WWE’s inexperienced diva division.

”Achievement usually comes to me when I put the other divas back in their place where they should be,” said the former WWE women’s champ. “Stepping in the ring with me, that’s taking a huge risk, and I usually beat some sense into them.

“If they’re smart, they don’t come back. Some people just don’t get the point, like Candice [Michelle]. She keeps coming back, getting hurt again, getting surgery, and she’s coming back again. Uh, sometimes I wish they would just give up because the beatings are going to continue. Obviously, like I said, one of these days they will get the point.”

Backing up the arrogance, Phoenix is the total package of women’s wrestling — talented and powerful, Awesome Kong-like with looks and a mouth. She works hard toward recapturing the gold.

”A belt is something that keeps your pants up,” she said. “A championship title like what I held is representative that I was the greatest female wrestler at that time in the entire world.

“I wear that with the utmost pride. It’s a treasure and a wonderful moment to come out there every time and display that to the world.”

With the 2006 departure of WWE’s top female Trish Stratus who fans adored, Phoenix has helped fill a void with WWE women, even as a villainous character, helping lead them. The 5-8, 150-pound blonde bombshell dubbed herself the Glamazon.

”The Glamazon is a name I came up with for myself,” she said. “I heard it used in the fashion world, but the way it’s applied to me is a little bit different because I’m different from the norm or the cookie cutter diva.

“I’m voluptuous and beautiful, but at the same time, I bring that fighter instinct, and I have the ring experience. For me, it was really important to set myself apart from everybody else, Giving myself that label, that name, I feel like it does that for me and the fans.”

Phoenix, real name Elizabeth Kocanski, was the first female on the Notre Dame High School wrestling team in Elmira, N.Y. She also competed for the USA Wrestling club team, winning the Northeast freestyle women’s championship (72 kg weight class) and the New York State Fair Tournament in 1999. That same year she was named the Most Outstanding wrestler at the Brockport Freestyle Tournament.

After graduating high school in 1999, she enrolled in Canisius College in Buffalo as well as a professional wrestling school, trained by Stu Hart Dungeon trainees Robin Knightwing and Joey Knight, who she later married.

Wrestling the independent circuit, she debuted against Alexis Laree, better known as Mickie James. She competed against females and males.

In July 2004, she appeared in Ohio Valley Wrestling, the then feeder group to WWE in Louisville, Ky. She worked with Chris Masters, Idol Stevens, Ariel, Katie Lea Burchill, Danny Basham and ODB.

With the backing of Stratus, Phoenix debuted on WWE Raw in May 2006. A month later, she injured her jaw against Victoria. Sidelined for two months, she did not return to Raw until July 2007, but it’s been full-speed ahead.

”Some of the divas with less experience, I take it upon myself to teach them a lesson,” she said. “Nothing smartens you up quicker than a nice kick upside the head, and most of the time they smarten up and step back and step out of the ring.

“Those girls who keep coming back, showing that heart, I’m always happy to just knock them around again. Candice, Ashley, Maria, anybody who’s next in line, bring it.”

Phoenix does every time.

• Speaking video games, Phoenix gave her choice for wrestler she would use other than herself.

“I’d probably go with Randy Orton, him being a [multi-time] champion, and he’s pretty devious. I like his style. I like his tactics in the ring. He’s a winner. So, obviously, I’d pick a winner.”

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Re: WWE’s rising Phoenix

Post by Phil Von Dyke on Mon Oct 20, 2008 3:43 pm

“If they’re smart, they don’t come back. Some people just don’t get the point, like Candice"

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