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MsChif began her career in July of 2001 on a Gateway Championship Wrestling show in Hillsboro, Missouri. She not only won her first match against Christine on that show; an alliance was formed with her and another debuting wrestler, Delirious. That team, later dubbed Diabolic Khaos, would also begin a rivalry with Matt Sydal on that show that still exists almost 4 years later.

In January of 2002, she won a four way match to become the #1 contender to the GCW Lightheavyweight title and received her first title shot the next month at Billy McNeil.

In March of 2002 a feud began which has gone all across the midwest with Daizee Haze. Daizee prevented Delirious from interfering in a match between MsChif and Johnny Greenpeace and now the two have battled in matches in NWA Missouri, IWA Mid-South, NWA-TNA and other promotions.

In May, MsChif and Delirious aided Nikki Strychnine in his victory over Pete Madden in an exploding Barbed wire match and joined Strychnine's Ministry of Hate. But because of Strychnine's affection for MsChif, she became a target of Jack Adonis, who was persuing Nikki's GCW title.

Nikki would eventually pay for his affection for MsChif however. Nikki became more worried about MsChif's well being rather than winning matches. In February of 2003 as Strychnine wrestled Adonis for the title, MsChif interfered and was hit by a chair from Jack. As Nikki checked on her, she demanded that he get in the ring and defend his title. Strychnine, who spewed nothing but hate, professed his love for MsChif. MsChif returned his love with a slap in the face. A dejected Strychnine was easy prey for a pinfall for Adonis. And also easy prey for an attack by MsChif after the match.

It was in this same month that she would make her national debut on NWA- TNA Xplosion against Daizee.

MsChif feuded briefly with Strychnine, who had taken on a new persona of a brooding, heartbroken poet named Nikodemus Ravendark. MsChif pinned him at GCW' s 3rd anniversary show. Not long after, Nikki left the promotion.

In May 2003, after numerous shots at the title, MsChif finally broke through and won the GCW Lightheavyweight title from Makaze in a 3 way match which also included OuTtkast. She successfully defended the title through the summer and fall against the likes of Makaze, OuTtkast, Ian Storm, Daizee Haze, Jynx and in a feud with Matt Sydal which included a 2/3 falls battle in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

In the meantime, Nikki Strychnine had returned, regained the GCW title and renewed his desire to battle his former ally. In November 2003, MsChif and Strychnine faced each other with both titles on the line at Challenge of Champions 3. After a brutal battle, Strychnine won the match after a crucifix powerbomb through and a piledriver on a table.

In late January of 2004, MsChif made her IWA Mid-South debut against her nemesis Daizee Haze. On March 6, she made it known she'd be a force in the IWA-MS women's division with an impressive showing in a 6 women elimination match in Highland, Indiana. Many reviews of a very good match (voted the IWA-MS women's match of the year) named MsChif the MVP of that match.

She advanced to the 2nd round of the IWA-MS/NWA MidWest Women's title tournament by beating Allison Danger but then fell to eventual champion Lacey. A title match with Lacey in June saw Lacey escape with the title as well.

In September, Mercedes Martinez upended Lacey for the title and MsChif promptly went and pinned Martinez the next night in another 6 women elimination match at night two of the Ted Petty Invitational. This spawned a feud between the two which erupted at the IWA-MS 8th Anniversary show when MsChif attacked Mickie Knuckles and then Mercedes during their match.

The feud with Knuckles continued through the winter and into spring of 2005. They battled all over the midwest and even into West Virginia. The feud peaked with the first ever IWA-MS cage match between two women in Herrin, Illinois on April 30, 2005.

A week later, in Streamwood, Illinois, MsChif finally won the long sought IWA-MS/NWA Midwest Women's Championship from Daizee Haze with a springboard moonsault.

On July 11, on IWA-MS' debut show in Philadelphia at the old ECW Arena, MsChif lost the title to Mickie Knuckles in a match also involving Allison Danger. Days later, NWA Midwest promoter Ed Chuman voided the title change while Ian Rotten proclaimed Knuckles the champion.

MsChif remained the NWA Midwest Women's champion until losing the title to Daizee Haze in a mixed tag cage match involving her and Delirious vs Daizee and Matt Sydal on November 12 in Streamwood, Illinois. at the time , Delirious was the NWA Midwest X Division champion and the rules stated that both titles were on the line in the tag match.

A feud began in early November between MsChif and Cheerleader Melissa on the Shimmer debut show in Berwyn,Illinois. They have already battled on the streets of Berwyn, in a falls count anywhere match in San Francisco (also involving Mercedes Martinez) in APW and were on opposite sides in a Shimmer feature match during Ring of Honor's Chicago Wrestlemania weekend show. That weekend saw MsChif win her debut match in ROH in a six woman match.

MsChif recently made her debut for Harley Race's WLW as well.

On April 15th, 2006, MsChif went through the prestigious 8 woman Chick Fight tournament and emerged victorious by defeating Merecedes Martinez in the finals. The field also included Cheerleader Melissa, Lacey and Rain.

MsChif currently competes in NWA Midwest, IWA Mid South,Ring Of Honor, World League Wrestling and SHIMMER women's athletes.

The Perfect Combination Of Strength,Confidence,Class and Beauty.The Uber Diva,the Glamazon,Beth Phoenix!

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