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Name: Lita
» Height: 5 foot 6
» Weight: 135 pounds
» From: Sanford, NC
» Signature Move: Moonsault, DDT
» Career Highlights: Women's Championship
» Associates: Edge
» WWE Debut: 2000
» Trained By: Dory Funk, Jr.

With her fiery red hair and trademark shoulder tattoo, Lita was recognized anywhere she went, whether she was embraced by the fans or not.

Once beloved by the fans for her extreme ways, Lita became one of the most despised Divas in WWE. After she aligned with Edge in May 2005, she no longer cared what the fans thought of her, standing by the Rated R Superstar no matter what derogatory chants the fans sent in her direction. While with Edge, Lita had no problem saying what was on her mind or doing whatever it took to help her man be successful, often finding herself in the midst of controversy as a result.

After a short stint in ECW, Lita made her WWE debut in 2000 alongside Essa Rios. She quickly led Rios to the Light Heavyweight Championship that February, but the pair split a few months later. Lita then hooked up with the Hardy Boyz, beginning a partnership that would last nearly five years.

Lita soon after went on to win the Women’s Championship from Stephanie McMahon in August 2000. After losing the gold, Lita took on more of a managerial role for the Hardys while competing from time to time. It was here that the long and heated rivalry between Lita and Trish Stratus began, as the two first locked horns while Trish managed Test & Albert against Lita’s Hardy Boyz.

Trish & Lita would put aside their differences in July 2001 to defeat Stacy Keibler & Torrie Wilson in a Bra & Panties Match at InVasion. During this same time, Lita began dating Matt Hardy, who was having trouble with brother Jeff. Lita was at ringside for their match at Vengeance that December, but after Undertaker put all three of them out of commission, they returned stronger than ever at the 2002 Royal Rumble.

In March 2002, Lita was drafted to Raw as the brand’s No. 10 pick in the brand extension draft. Before she could make an impact, Lita suffered a severe neck injury while filming an episode of Fox’s Dark Angel. The injury required major neck surgery that put Lita out of action for a year and a half.

During her time away, Lita spent time as a commentator on both Heat and Velocity. She returned to the ring in September 2003, once again siding with Trish to help her fend off Molly Holly & Gail Kim. Shortly after, Matt Hardy returned to Raw from SmackDown, but turned against Lita. Christian & Chris Jericho stepped in to help her, and a bizarre love scenario began between Lita, Trish, Christian and Jericho. This would become only be the first of many flare-ups in Lita’s turbulent love life.

Eventually, Trish would side with Christian and Lita with Jericho, and Lita and Trish were at odds once again. She became the object of Kane’s affection, bringing Matt Hardy back into her life once again. The two reconciled as the Big Red Monster continued to stalk Lita, and she agreed to something unknown to keep him from destroying Hardy. Finally, Lita announced that she was pregnant, but that knowledge that she was carrying Kane’s baby strained her relationship with Hardy once again.

Lita enjoyed life as the girlfriend of Edge. They enjoyed VIP treatment with champagne wherever they went, and even guest-announced from their own Rated-R announce table.

Lita won her last two Women's Championships in 2006, defeating Mickie James on both occasions. She decided to end her career in the fall of 2006 and was determined to retire with the championship (like Stratus did) and prove once and for all that she was the greatest Women's Champion of all time.

But that was not to be. Mickie James defeated her for the title at the Survivor Series, and Cryme Tyme humiliated the red-haired beauty by giving away her personal items to the crowd.

It was a bitter end for Lita, but she will never be forgotten by WWE fans.

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Re: Lita

Post by bpglamazon91 on Tue Jul 28, 2009 9:48 am

Hate the way they screwed over Lita's career though..Sad
But Lita did shine pretty well back then in WWF and early WWE though.Wink

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