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Beth on FCW

Post by bpglamazon91 on Thu Dec 25, 2008 4:08 am

Santino Marella comes to the ring and he has a mic. He thanks everyone for the reception he got. He says that it is a very big pleasure for everyone to see him. Santino says that he has some important information. He says that he lives in Tampa. He says that you might be lucky enough to see Santino when you go grocery shopping. He says that is not the reason he is here tonight. He found out something tantalizing for the male audience. In a couple weeks, something is gonna start. Santino says that it is big. There will be a tournament like none ever seen before. It will be for the Queen of FCW. Santino says the Queen of FCW is not the Queen of the WWE. That woman is Beth Phoenix, the woman that he spoons with every night.

Beth Phoenix comes out and she has her WWE Women’s Title Belt with her. Santino tells Beth to show them her muscles.

They are interrupted by DJ Gabriel and Alicia Fox as they do their spasm spectacle. Beth does us all a favor and she gives Alicia a forearm. Santino sends Gabriel out of the ring and

The Perfect Combination Of Strength,Confidence,Class and Beauty.The Uber Diva,the Glamazon,Beth Phoenix!

When you mess with the best,you go down with the rest.Mwahahaha!Yeah,baby.


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