Beth Monday Night Mayhem Interview

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Beth Monday Night Mayhem Interview

Post by SoleSmasher17 on Fri Dec 12, 2008 12:09 pm

By Monday Night Mayhem • Dec 12th, 2008

WWE Women’s Champion & the 2008 Slammy-Award winning WWE Diva Of The Year, “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix, was the special guest on this past week’s edition (12/08/08) of Monday Night Mayhem, hosted by The Big Mosh & Blade. “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio” is officially presented by the latest & hottest innovation from the coverage of professional wrestling online, and features exclusive video found nowhere else from your favorite superstars of the squared circle & Custom Muscle: the official nutritional & supplement company of “Your home Of Wrestling Radio” (purchase over $50.00, type in the word “GRAND,” & get 10% off your purchase), and is also sponsored by: Old Time Wrestling, The History Of, & In addition, The Mayhem strongly encourages all of its fans around the globe to check out the brand-new & official WWE Universe Fan Nation blogs of Charlie Haas ( & D-Lo Brown (

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Beth’s first-ever MNM appearance is now available for free in Windows Streaming Media, or via the official Monday Night Mayhem podcast on ITunes:

December 8th MNM Streaming Audio:

December 8th MNM Podcast On ITunes:

Here are some highlights of Beth’s interview on the show, provided by The Mayhem’s official show correspondent, Dan Kriegbaum.

The Mayhem Crew welcomed Beth to the show to help promote this Sunday’s WWE Armageddon Pay-Per-View just hours before the three-hour Slammy Awards Monday Night RAW special. The Big Mosh, Blade, as well as Beth, joked that there might have to be a “white carpet” to be rolled out for their arrival in Buffalo on Sunday, due to the possible wintry weather. Beth said that she was a huge fan of the Slammys growing up, and said it would be a huge honor to be held in the same breath of Owen Hart, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, & other stars of the past. Confidence was definitely brimming from her leading into the Slammy’s, as she indicated that if she had the opportunity to capture one, that it “wouldn’t surprise her,” simply because she is the best Diva. She then said that after RAW, her & Santino (Marella) should have a full mantle of Slammy Awards — which prompted a three-word appearance from the other half of Glamarella…who also believed Beth’s words to be true.

The Big Mosh then mentioned Armageddon taking place in Beth’s hometown (and that of The Mayhem) of Buffalo this Sunday night @ The HSBC Arena, and asked her what she is looking forward to about “coming home.” Beth said that she loves getting to come to Buffalo, from the time she pulls up to the arena with all of the fans lined up outside in the cold to show support, until the minute they leave the parking lot after the show is over. She said that Buffalo fans are the most dedicated to her, saying “where else will our fans stand out in the cold in sub-zero temperatures in the snow, just to see the WWE superstars come to the arena?” She then went on to talk about how she started wrestling in the Western New York independents in such companies as Buffalo Championship Wrestling & how she is “so proud” to represent Buffalo.

Mosh asked Beth to let The Mayhem Nation know how her career has progressed to the point that it has, from her beginning days in wrestling to WWE Women’s Champion. Beth said that she grew up, like most of the other WWE superstars, as a wrestling fan. She mentioned how wrestlers were her “heroes,” and that she was inspired by a lot of them — which she tries to use in her own career, in order to inspire today’s fans. She added that education came first however, so while attending school in Buffalo at Canisius College, she would travel on the weekends to work the independent circuit. Upon graduation, she said she received an opportunity to head down to Ohio Valley Wrestling & get a try-out to pursue her dream full-time, and worked her way up from there until signing a WWE contract two years later. Once that came about, she said she had to work even harder than before to get a spot on RAW or SmackDown, “and once that happened, I broke my jaw five weeks later.” A year after the injury, she returned to television, and has been there ever since.

Blade & Mosh then asked how “The Glamazon” went about working her way back from her injury. Beth said that she has always kept her eye on the WWE Women’s Championship, which certainly seemed to help. As an example, she used her title loss to Mickie James in London, England, saying that losing the title helped her to refocus, just like the injury did, to “get back on top & stay there.” She said that she lives for competition, and “nothing motivates her more knowing that other people want what she has.” She added that having “someone special” always helps to, as Santino is always there to tell her the things she needs to hear.

Mosh then mentioned Melina’s recent return from injury, and dead stare on trying to win the Women’s Championship. He asked Beth if she would be interested in defending her title against her in Buffalo at Armageddon, and have the opportunity for some retribution. Beth said that Melina is one of the girls, like herself, that raised the bar for women’s competitors in wrestling, with the “spectacle” & “beauty” she brings to it. Beth said that she “wants to wrestle the best, so she can beat the best, so ‘The Glamazon’ can stay in the spotlight as the WWE Women’s Champion, because I deserve to be. So I would love to beat up Melina in my hometown….That would be awesome.”

Mosh asked Beth about Charlie Haas’ recent impersonation of her on RAW as “The Glama-Haas), and asked if she thinks he did a good job. Beth said that anybody can get a blonde wig & the same outfit, “but nobody…nobody…can possibly come close to the incredible beauty that “The Glamazon’ possesses. And honestly, to me it was quite an insult for him to come out there. He got what was coming to him though, because Santino kicked his butt…so beware anyone that chooses to mock me.”

The Mayhem Crew then talked about the recent rumors of former WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus, and the possibilities of what a return from would mean for the WWE & the women’s division/women’s wrestling, as well as Gail Kim’s pending return to the company as well. Mosh then asked Beth for her thoughts on possibly having the opportunities to wrestle Trish again, as well as Gail Kim. Beth addressed the Trish question first, mentioning that Trish has already said that she could easily beat Beth in a match. Beth added that Trish comes from a different era, one earlier than “The Glamazon,” where Beth “annihilated” the women’s division on her way to the title. “If Trish wants to talk the talk, I dare her to walk the walk.” She added that if they were to wrestle, it would be a WrestleMania caliber match. Could this be a sign of things to come fans? In regards to Gail Kim, Beth mentioned that her & Gail trained together (along with TNA Knockout, Tracy Brooks) at the same gym in Toronto. She said that they wrestled several times in Canada before either of them were in the WWE, but added that wherever she ends up in World Wrestling Entertainment, they will most likely cross paths & get to wrestle again.

In regards to which Diva currently in the WWE Beth would like to wrestle against at WrestleMania XXV, Beth said that her & Melina “still have a score to settle,” after once walking down the aisle as allies. Beth said that Melina has become “sick & twisted” over the past year, as Melina sat on the sidelines watching Beth’s success, and said it would be great to wrestle her at “The Showcase Of The Immortals.” She added that she would love to “set the record straight” though, and silence the critics once & for all in that Beth Phoenix is the dominant diva, not Trish Stratus.”

Blade then asked Beth what some of her favorite Buffalo “dining establishments” are, and which of those she will be visiting during her trip to Buffalo this weekend. Beth said that she never forgets to get her “fix of chicken wings” from the Anchor Bar, as well as a possible stop to Jim’s Steak-Out, “the old favorite on Elmwood, can’t miss that.”

As a parting shot, Beth said that she is looking forward to seeing her Buffalo fans, friends, & family, and “Let’s Go Buffalo!”

More in this exclusive Mayhem interview, including Beth’s thoughts on being the sole-surviving Diva at the Survivor Series, her thoughts on the TNA Knockouts vs. the WWE Divas, being ranked behind Awesome Kong in the PWI Women’s 50, & much more.

Tickets are on still sale now for WWE Armageddon… but they are going fast! Get your tickets at The HSBC Arena box office,, or charge-by-phone @ (888) 223-6000. WWE Pay-Per-View returns to Buffalo. NY for the first time in more than three years, so do not miss your chance to witness history in the hometown of Monday Night Mayhem!

For some reason, i see either Beth vs. Trish or Beth vs. Melina at WM25, Beth vs. Melina is more likely to happen, but with the recent rumors of Trish returning and the interview she did when she said that "if Beth called her out, she would return" it's possible that this match could happen with Trish putting Beth over in the end, either match i would be game for though, aslong as its a real wrestling match at this year's Wrestlemania i'm good.

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Re: Beth Monday Night Mayhem Interview

Post by MyMuffinIsPimpin on Fri Dec 12, 2008 3:19 pm

Thankx for posting it I have the hardest time finding interviews. Pretty intresting stuff in here.

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